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Originally Posted by TrunkLatcher View Post
That clears things up except for an explanation as to what that excerpt from the catalog in the OP says about a UHFR1/UHFR2. I appreciate everyone's help and if someone knows the answer to this it would be very helpful.

Also, I think my biggest problem will be Q52. I really don't want a 124ABC1234 hackjob however I really need Q52. Does someone have a picture of the dongle for Q53? Maybe its not as bad as I thought. Thanks again.
The issue with the UHF R1+R2 APX is that it was type accepted after the narrowband type acceptance deadline, so it can't be sold w/ wideband capability right now. The VHF+R1 APX was type accepted before the deadline, so it does not need to be narrow-band only (right now). I just took delivery from moto on one, in fact - it does wideband just fine. Radios delivered after Jan 1 may be a different story, of course.

The Q53 dongle isn't so bad. It basically looks like the connector from the programming cable, but without the cable. The irritating thing about it is that you can't FPP when a headset or speaker mic is connected.
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