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They have plenty of other frequencies, MURS, FRS, etc. I don't know why they insist on using the marine band illegally
Not really. There are no mobile or portable MURS radios at the local sports store. The 1/2 watt FRS radios are extremely short ranged in wooded terrain. GMRS mobiles are not sold at the local sports store and the portables are of low quality.

Around here, there are bear hunters using 2 meter ham radios on 147.800 in spite of being warned off several times. Why, because they are cheap and they work.

There is a need for an unlicensed 25 watt radio service with reasonable range and number of channels to support outdoor inland activities. With the public safety exodus from the VHF low bands, a number of frequencies should be available. Seems that the FCC is not concerned with creating radio services that don't create sizeable tax monies on a monthly basis as in cell or internet devices.

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