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Originally Posted by gcgrotz
After 35 years of hamming, and trying off and on for many of those years, I finally worked Japan. Yes Japan. I know everybody else in the world has worked them and I was the last guy on the band without a JA QSO but I finally got one on 20 the other morning and exchanged 57 reports. Most of the time I can barely hear them. This was on a horizontal 40 meter full wave loop at 35' with 600 watts.

I also worked that recent Yemen expedition and that was exciting but I had never expected I'd ever work a place that hadn't issued a ham license in over 20 years. Japan was better because I had been trying for so long!

73 and good DX.
I was licensed in 1993, and my first Japanese station was last year, although not as long it was an elusive country fo me as well. Glad you finally were able to snagged one.
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