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Yeah, I don't think that is going to happen. Alpha Tags make sense since it tells you who is talking on your radio, the site name is nice to know but not critical (most scanners don't even display it) to your monitoring. Yes, when using software it would be nice but since you are in interactive mode (you should be looking at the RR site) while importing stuff you can adjust the site name to whatever you fancy. For those scanners that are pre-programmed and updated via the manufacturer based on the DB, enough of the site name shows up so that you know where the signal is coming from, full on the HP-1 and 16 chars on GRE models.

For display purposes, in the database, more is better when it comes to site descriptions. Although, based on a donnybrook that took place recently in a California forum, one would have thought the world would come to an end if it wasn't done "just so".
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