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For display purposes, in the database, more is better when it comes to site descriptions.
I have to agree with that but what I don't understand is why Abbreviations are used in the description line. ie. Frederick Md P25 system

HTML Code:
DEC    HEX    Mode        Alpha Tag        Description             Tag  
5497   1579   D           FredCoDUSWM1     DUSWM1                  Public Works 
5498   157a   D           FredCoDUSWM2     DUSWM2                  Public Works 
5573   15c5   D           FredCiFCCA       FCCA                    Public Works
Can anyone tell me what DUSWM stands for? And how about FCCA, It could be Forestry Conservation Communications Association or Federal Court Clerks Association and from Wikki FCCA Public Safety System. You can see that someone could spend hours trying to understand what the Abbreviations are that the Database Admin has put in the description line.

1.description, verbal description(noun)
a statement that represents something in words
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