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Default Using the Raspberry Pi and a RTL2832U Stick for SDR over Ethernet

Well, right now we can't use the RTL2832U SDR stick and Raspberry Pi to make a cheap self contained SDR receiver, but we can make half of one. The Raspberry Pi will allow you to install the RTL drivers which also contains a tcp server. It turns out that you can plug the RTL2832U stick directly into the Pi and send the SDR data over ethernet to a client computer running SDR Sharp. So in essence you get a cheap ethernet enabled SDR receiver for about $60. The system also works well when plugged into a wireless N bridge. It's kind of cool to run SDR Sharp on your laptop while the Raspberry and RTL2832U remains near the antenna point. If you are interested in building this project you can find the instructions at

Raspberry Pi as Remote Server for RTL2832u SDR | Ham Radio Science
Ham Radio Science
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