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Everybody has covered everything I want in a future Uniden scanner.

What I want (in addition to all of the above in everybody's posts): Optimized squelch hysteresis. Most Unidens are cursed with having way too much hysteresis in the squelch circuit, 6 dB to be exact. I've found from experience I like no more than about 2 dB of hysteresis at the threshold.

I don't know where the designers came up with 6 dB of squelch hysteresis as their design spec. It's WAY TOO MUCH in my opinion. 2 dB is about right. It's enough to provide a stable threshold but not enough to get in the way of reliably opening on a weak signal. It's about how much squelch hysteresis that top of the line commerical radios have and works well. It gives a nice knife edge sharp threshold and is stable.
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