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Got bored to day, went out to the club station here in Edmonton and worked a whole bunch of stations on 29.600Mhz. Even with some deep fading and QRM from at least one remote base, the best contact was with a guy in Ohio that heard me calling CQ on his scanner with an in-door antenna... Guess when the band is open it is really open. I managed to work a bunch of states/provinces:

New Brunswic
New York

Had a few of the guys give me 10+60 signal reports, I was running a 756 Pro3 barefoot with the 4 element beam pointing at an azimuth of about 120 deg. most of the afternoon. When I tried looking for some western US/Western Canada, I kept having to swing the beam back around to work more guys in the Mid-west/Eastern Seaboard.
The FM DX today was the Caymen Islands.
I had a few mobiles in the mix as well.

All in all a great lazy afternoon here in Edmonton
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