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Originally Posted by jasonsmith559 View Post
FYI the previous info I posted was the comma seperated output of my scanner config. If this is not the info you meant please let me know what you were wanting to look at.
Looks like you have everything programmed in correctly. There is only one encrypted talkgroup on the
system so far, which is 5804. You can forget about hearing anything on that talkgroup. As of right now
their really isn't much activity on the system. Cleburne PD has been sporadically using 5803 and JoCo
SO has been using 5769 a little bit. The most active talkgroup has been 5793. Several Joshua PD officers
and CPD officers talking back and forth about the range and features of the system.

With your scanner connected to a discone antenna, you really should have no problem picking up the
system. Hell, if you can pick up the Parker County P25, then I see no reason why the JoCo P25 system
shouldn't come in loud and clear. The fact that the Crowley tower hasn't come online yet shouldn't even
be a factor considering your setup.

I know very little about object oriented scanning, other than I dislike it VERY much. LOL! So unfortunately
I'm of little help to you as far determining if your setup is correct. Although it does appear correct. I just
recently helped a friend of mine program his new RS Pro 106 with the new JoCo system. That was first
and hopefully the last time I will have to mess with object oriented scanning. Coming from years of what
I feel is a more simplistic form of programming with Uniden, I found it to be VERY frustrating! Needless to say
his scanner picks up the system just fine. Hopefully some else with more knowledge with object oriented
scanning can better pinpoint where the problem is.
Chris Easley
Keene, TX
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