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Originally Posted by NCFire11 View Post
Yeah that scene Sat. morning was a cluster..

We always have trouble communicating with Air Mobile 1 when we have to call. Its always an issue with PL tones or something.

We usually use state fire when we talk to yall to set up an LZ. I think we use a PL of 136.5, but I'm not sure. It makes no sense to me why there is a PL tone on state fire, or if there needs to be one it should be universal.

WakeMed is flying a greenish aircraft now, what happened to Air Mobile 1?
Thanks for the info. AirMobile 1 is currently in a back up aircraft, their primary aircraft is down for maintenance. It is a frequent thing for all of us, heck next time you see Vidant Air we may very well be in that same back up. We have about 4 regional back ups that are rotated throughout the state, almost all of us either lease aircraft from Air Methods or we contract with them to provide pilots and mechanics. Vidant and Duke own their helicopters, the rest of the programs lease them from Air Methods.
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