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Ventura County, California (CA) Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference shows Ventura FD Ch 3 Tac 155.865 M PL 100.0 and Oxnard FD Ch 2 Tac 153.89 M PL 141.3 - are those new? Can dispatchers receive and transmit on those freqs?

For Ventura County FD - is 155.055 used to page the individual fire stations? Do the stations verbally acknowledge the dispatch / incident to the dispatcher on 155.055?

Can Ventura County FD dispatchers operate on any of the Tac channels?

What are the 155 Mhz MedNet freqs used for now?

How does Los Padres Natl Forest use their channels? Paging or dispatch on Forest Net? Command to dispatcher messages on the Service net? Can the dispatchers talk on F3 and F4 - probably not since they are mobile only channels IIRC.

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