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Default Stream formats

Adam, thanks for the reply. However...

Your method did not work for me. Perhaps you have to be a premium member to do it this way?

I got the windows you showed, from the Live Audio portion of RR. But no matter the player I select, it get this back from capturing the link:

javascript:LaunchWindow('/apps/audio/?action=wp&feedId=381',%20'381','height=900,width= 750,scrollbars=no')

and my player gadgets, miniradio and a couple others, cannot deal with this.

I also copied/pasted the .asx and .m3u stream addresses from your reply, and neither would play for me. Didn't expect them to, since they are clearly faked addresses.

Your reply examples both reference 'scripts' and 'playlists'. I'm using the live audio feed. Perhaps this is my problem/error?

More experimentation to come.

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