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Originally Posted by tilt404 View Post
then there's this trbo system on top of all that confusion:

Essex County Fire Trunking System, Windsor, Ontario - Scanner Frequencies
That's an LTR Passport system not TRBO unless something has changed and it hasn't been submitted to the database.

Originally Posted by tilt404 View Post
154.070 also shows on the tafl as belonging to windsor fire too but never hear them on it. did see my scanner stop on it recently though but nothing heard. very true forts, so small here yet so many systems, makes little sense to me. too many systems, P25, sim, trbo... if there's every a big disaster here I don't know how they are going to get organized.
154.070Mhz is the Ontario Fire Marshall channel which every fire department on VHF has in their radio. If they're on another band, they usually have a link from their system to it.

In case of a big disaster, agencies would work together using this frequency.

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