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Default Google Groups

Originally Posted by dlnorth View Post
I'm using Google Groups to manage my subscriber list. Everyone gets the pages except Verizon customers. I have tried sending them using and, and neither work. Every other provider that I have sent pages to gets them most of the time, but the Verizon people haven't received any that have been sent from Google Groups.

I have pulled up some of the archived pages and sent them directly from my Gmail account to the Verizon phones, using the gateway, and those were received fine. It appears as though this is an issue with Verizon blocking Google Groups emails.

Just wondering if other people have run into similar problems and what you did, if anything, to get it corrected.
I am have the exact same problem too. I agree that it appears to be an issue with Verizon blocking Google Groups emails. I tried to call Verizon and get someone higher up in network tech support, but got no where with them. Wish it would work, because it would make it so much easier to allow departments to edit their subscriber list. Has anyone figured a different a way to send the pages to one email address, then the departments can go to a website that they can manage their members and that auto forwards the page to their members. Like Google Groups does. Thanks for the great program Andy!


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