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Revolutionary radio - idea, IMHO.
Make a few diff radios one with tweaks of what we have now, another the same but a couple extra things for people with diff trunking systems.


Have a radio like now with extra tweaks, but if you want to have it decode additional trunking systems you would buy and order that online, they send you the program in an email, use your USB cable to add additional functionality.

Doing it that way would keep the initial cost down somewhat as many wouldn't need the additional systems in their areas or more likely would only want to just be able to tune in their 911 activities only.
From what I have found from programming a lot of radios for people the latter I state is the case - just 911.
I have a lot of people that contacted me who want to, but even at current prices its more than one can afford or dont listen to the radio enough to justify $430 or so now.
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