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Originally Posted by kb2vxa View Post
"Spelling really isn't that hard."
Not when you have a spelling checker but don't expect it to correct your mistakes when you stumble around antidisestablismentarianism. Heh, that looks funny underlined in red and I KNOW the spelling is correct.

What most don't recognize is grammar, mine does at least know the difference between its and it's. That brings me to the apostrophe, not the Frank Zappa album. Frankly I'd like to unload some WMDs on WMD's, like what do they posses anyway?

I could go on ad infinitum (darn spell checker wants infinitude) about the RR forums but I'll tell you one thing; I haven't seen so many errors on the HAM forums. (evil grin with horns) OK, we're generally an older crowd, when we went to school we actually learned something because there was none of this no child left behind crap, if we failed a subject WE WERE LEFT BEHIND and repeated the year!

Rant off / humor on.

I remember Bubba, the only 40yo in 6th grade. (;->)
Shouldn't there be a `h' in antidisestablismentarianism to make it antidisestablishmentarianism??
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