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Originally Posted by corbintechboy View Post
Hiya Ridge,

I got some advice from a gentleman a year or so ago that has been into electronics for years. I was advised that recapping was a bad idea. As a radio ages, the tolerance is not as good as it at one time was. If you go putting new caps in a radio and the tolerance of the components after the new cap are older and not up to the specs they at one time were, you may do more harm then good. I was told "if it ain't broke don't fix it" and the opinion sounded good to me.

To the OP, the Kenwood R-5000 is a fine radio. The Drake R-8 is as well if you can find one in decent shape.
You may be right given how nowadays the r71a is getting pretty long in the tooth. I have no need to do one now as the rig is top notch but thought it a good thing in the future. I stuck it in the r71a Yahoo Group to see if I can scare up more on this thanks CTB
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