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Default Diplexer vs Duplexer or Cavity Filter

Part of the problem is the dual-use of the term "duplexer".

Some have proposed that "diplexer" be used where a dual-band rig uses two separate antennas or two mono-band rigs share a dual-band antenna.

Then "duplexer" (often truly a cavity filter) only be used to refer to a device designed to control the flow of signals so that the outgoing TX signal is not allowed to get into the RX input side.

This is a same-band repeater duplexer:
UHF 6 Cavity Duplexer 450 520 MHz for Radio Repeater BNC Connector Free Tuning | eBay

This is a same-band repeater Controller:
Radio Tone Duplex Repeater Controller GP300 GP88S | eBay

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