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Get your Technician licences and buy Yaesu FT 2900 R, radios, 2 meter radios, they are 2 meter only, but put out 75 watts, then get as high of gain antennas as you can find, mount them with NMO antenna mounts on some good metal such as a tin roof on a buggy. This will allow reliable coms in the open and some when blocked. When transmitting, try to get on the highest hill around, that will help a lot.

I just bought one of those radios on sale for $120.00 and man do they talk with a good antenna.
Hand held will be harder, get a decent 2 meter, replace the stock antenna with one of the good one's Diamond makes and have them transmit from as high as possible. With any luck, there will be a repeater, that would help a lot. GMRS radios will not transmit far enough.
For the handhelds, just buy the cheap China one's off E Bay for about $50. each. Getting your tech licenses is not hard and will only cost about $15.00. This is by far the best way to go.


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