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Originally Posted by 1300 View Post
Here is my findings after using all the modes

fa scrolls not decode
f1 nothing
fd nothing
fi nothing
fn nothing
fp nothing
fr scrolls no decode
fx nothing
ma scrolls no decode
mc scrolls no decode
mg scrolls no decode
mq scrolls no decode
xx scrolls no decode
xr scrolls garbled audio

What do you think? Encrypted?
I think might want to do dsd -fr -ff (not that these will really help you -- -ff is assumed on and -fr just forces only TRBO). If -fr scrolls and no decode and then -fr -xr scrolls and _constantly_ provides garbled audio, then you probably do _not_ want to use the -xr switch.

dsd -ff -fr -i /dev/dsp -o /dev/dsp -u 5

Then while it sits there and scrolls but you don't hear anything, be patient. It's entirely possible that _they_arent_talking_. Seriously man, do you really expect to hear them talking 24/7, each and every time you fire up DSD? My local police and SO can go an hour without saying a single word.

So just run those options above and let it go on and on while you're doing other things on the computer, and then see if you eventually hear a conversation.

If you were to install and run DMRDECODE [without me providing instructions], the latest versions of DMRDecode will tell you if privacy is enabled. In DMRDecode you may or may not have to select the 'inverted' option. In DMRDecode, if you see voice frames constantly (minute after minute after minute nonstop), then you need to change the invertness in DMRDecode.

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