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I seem to experience some kind of interference while scanning the Montgomery County trunk system. I just finished updating my programming on my RS pro 164 to get it up to speed with the rebanding. Everything I plugged in works great now Except Montgomery County sometimes. FYI I live in Xenia.

What happens is when this ‘event’ occurs the scanner display go berserk like it cant lock in on that frequency that is being broadcasted at that moment. It does not affect any particular agency, as I have seen it when Washington Twp Fire is broadcasting as well as Kettering PD.

My thought is there are 2 possibilities...
1- One of the listed trunk frequencies is wrong or slightly off, and the radio tries it’s best to play it, OR

2- There is some kind of intermodulation happening on one of the frequencies.

IF anyone has more information on this I would love to hear it. As for now I am going to try an experiment over the next few weeks. One by One I am going to remove one only frequency at a time and monitor these to see if the issue goes away. At the same Time I have to determine if by doing this I will be losing parts of conversations due to the missing frequency.

I will post my results in this thread.
Again if anyone has other thoughts please jump in.
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