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Originally Posted by N8ACU View Post
I seem to experience some kind of interference while scanning the Montgomery County trunk system. I just finished updating my programming on my RS pro 164 to get it up to speed with the rebanding. Everything I plugged in works great now Except Montgomery County sometimes. FYI I live in Xenia.

If anyone has more information on this I would love to hear it.
Look around for a nearby cellular tower. The GRE scanners seem to be more susceptible to interference / front end overload from other nearby transmitters (including the Sprint/Nextel iDEN system, the same problem plaguing public safety which led to rebanding). In my area it's intermittent; it comes and goes as other frequencies start and stop transmitting.

The iDEN system goes away June 30 of this year and is being replaced by the "new and improved" (ha ha) Sprint network, using the same frequencies.

This interference problem should be greatly reduced once systems are rebanded, but will likely still exist even after that simply due to front end overload.
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