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Originally Posted by nsrailfan6130 View Post
Hello from Michigan! Here in Lenawee Co. Most of our departments still use the house sirens for calls and/or weather warnings. Someone here said something that FD's dropped their sirens due to people who complained to the powers that be. I think the complainers out there need to understand that sirens have a purpose (Not just for yuks n giggles) and if they do not like them they can just leave and go where its not so loud for them. FD's shouldn't have to sacrifice on account of people who gripe just for the sake of griping.
I can guarantee the people who are complaining live in newly built housing complexes next to the sirens or something of that sort. Everyone in my area knows we still use them, and are accustomed to them going off through out the night. I myself personally wake up being a firefighter but that's what my body is 'trained" to do.. For crying out loud, I wake up if I hear a whistle going off in the distance, usually from higher up the mountain lol
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