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Default Whatcom County Fire Scanning updates

Well all, narrowbanding went live in whatcom county this past September and the kinks are mostly worked out. Here's a few updates:

1) All fire frequencies have a "V" in front of them now, i.e. VFire 5. There is talk of a UHF system someday, hence the V.
2) VFire 1, 2 and 3 hold the same frequencies as their former names. VFire 3 is no longer in use.
3) Bellingham Fire now uses VFire 6 (154.8425) as their response/talk channel. They are no longer suffering the coverage issues they used to have.
4) VFire 4 (155.295) is now a repeated frequency and is set to become a response channel. The old fire 4 is now Tac12.
5) VFire 7 (153.875) remains unused.

If anyone is a database admin, the Bellingham Fire listing for MDTs needs to be removed. They're using Verizon Mifi cards for CAD access, not the 800mhz channel.

Unit numbers will probably change this year with medic units moving around and what not. The EMS contract between the county and city expires at the end of this year. The debate continues.....
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