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Originally Posted by looknlisten View Post
Wow!...That was them for sure. Your audio (it was 318.00 btw) is way clearer than mine, great catch!
Makes me wonder exactly where they were.
(There had been speculation that there was a Brit on rotation flying one of the Gripens.)
Yea, your right, the last guy in the recording has a pretty thick accent. I'm thinking on 20, but who knows, maybe they had a designated track off the coast a bit. I seem to pick up things fairly well to the east of my place, out on the ocean..

Originally Posted by metal57 View Post
Should be RCH 051 around somewhere, with the other four Gripens.
AE0224 MOVER45 85-0032 KC10 USA - Air Force 2013/01/15 16:56:24
AE022A RCH114 86-0032 KC10 US - Air Force 2013/01/15 16:45:09

I have these 2 on the box, both KC 10s, within 10 mins of each other during the last refuel, would they be that close?
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