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One last try, if you've got the time. Give this setup and try, it may be able to trick the radio's receiver firmware.

Under the MOT3600 CC, chose Multi Tables and enter the following:

Lo Chan: Hi Chan: Offset: Base Frequency: Step:
440 559 440 851.0250 25.0
0 719 0 851.0125 25.0
720 759 0 848.0000 25.0
815 831 0 846.6250 25.0
961 1022 0 843.4000 25.0
958 958 958 868.9750 25.0

Then, under the MOT9600 CC, chose Normal

Also, in the bank when you have the control channel only; make sure they are each set to MOT and NOT FM and that they are not defaulted to Atten checked.

Please let me know if that works out. I've got several people inquiring about this setup, both in Philly and here...



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I tried the standard custom bandplan you gave me as well as the one in the notes for the new system. Neither worked. I do have the latest firmware. Like i said before, it seems like the scanner is deaf on the control channel, so even with the bandplan, it isnt going to decode enough control data to do anything with it. I will do some more testing and see what i can come up with. I have a super amp and external antenna i can try.
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