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Default APD EDACS question

I got myself a Uniden BCD996XT digital trunking scanner for Christmas.

I know before my purchase about APD and provoice and how it's not supported by the scanner, but I am curious about one thing that I thought I'd see happening but isn't.

With APD using the EDACS system, why is my uniden not displaying left and right with 04-xxx group IDs for all the chatter that APD must be doing? I'd expect that unless APD is using an unpublished EDACS trunk grouping, I should be seeing 04-xxx talkgroups show up frequently, my radio tuned to that momentary frequency, and the audio be a buzzing/data-sounding burst that represents the provoice component of the transmission.

I get an occasional 04-023 talkgroup showing up in one of the three city of albuquerque EDACS trunks I've programmed in and the audio is data-like sound when momentarily active.

Thanks for any answers to my curiosity question.
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