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Originally Posted by rapidcharger
If you want a commercial/LMR radio, you might look for one with OST (operatable selectable tone). So that way you can change the squelch tones if you need to without hooking up to a computer for programming. I beleive the PM-400 will do it. They're a step above the cp-200.

As for my earlier comments on the batteries, If an OEM battery costs $75 and lasts five years and several hundred charging cycles, a better AM batt costs $50 and lasts 2.5 years, and an Ebay Imax Expert Battery costs $25 and lasts one year with terrible performance begging at age 1 month requiring twice daily charges to get a full day of service at 90/5/5, which is really the cheapest battery?
To fuel a radio over 5 years, here's the actual cost breakdown...
OEM: $75, no headaches, solid performance
Good AM: $100, one replacement
Imax Xpert super cheap ebay battery: $125, 5 replacents, twice daily charging!
Well put RC. I whole heatedly agree. With respect to OST or in the Motorola world MPL(multiple PL) take a good look at Kenwood. I own both the TK280 and TK380. They allow up to 16 selectable PL tones. Some other good Kenwood radios to look at are the TK390 and the TK-3180. You will find all three on ebay for decent prices, and there are loads of accessories as well.
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