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Originally Posted by rapidcharger View Post
If you want a commercial/LMR radio, you might look for one with OST (operatable selectable tone). So that way you can change the squelch tones if you need to without hooking up to a computer for programming. I beleive the PM-400 will do it. They're a step above the cp-200.
The CP200XLS also has field editable PL/DPL, and is slightly less expensive than the PR400. Both are very decent radios, especially for GMRS use. The CP200XLS is capable of 128 channels, whereas the PR400 full keypad version holds 64, and the limited keypad only 32.

Both radios however have a limitation with the field PL/DPL edit, in that you can only change between like formats. For example if you programmed a channel with PL, you can only change to other PL tones, and not DPL or CSQ. If you programmed a channel as CSQ, you cannot change to PL or DPL. Since you can edit both TX and RX tones individually, you could program (using CPS) receive as CSQ, and transmit as PL. This could still be quite useful as you will be able to hear everything on the channel, and be able to select any transmit PL, which seems to be much more popular than DPL.

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Well put RC. I whole heatedly agree. With respect to OST or in the Motorola world MPL(multiple PL) take a good look at Kenwood. I own both the TK280 and TK380. They allow up to 16 selectable PL tones. Some other good Kenwood radios to look at are the TK390 and the TK-3180. You will find all three on ebay for decent prices, and there are loads of accessories as well.
I agree, take a good look at Kenwood. Their newer gear will allow you to program up to 40 OST lists, with any combination of PL, DPL, or CSQ you want, although they do have to be pre-programmed using CPS.
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