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Originally Posted by Jay911 View Post
If you average the lat/long of the advertised neighbors, you get 45.03250373, -75.66496912 which is very close to Kemptville. In fact, the flag is a few meters north of an OPP detachment.

I did a Geographical search on Spectrum Direct using the above coords and a 10km radius, and found that Bell Paging has a site called Millar's Corners which is actually several miles south of Kemptville at 44.96048, -75.58534.
Interesting, was at the brother-in-laws on Christmas Eve talking to him and some other guys from the VFD and they were talking about the going to P25 and a new site that was supposed to be firing up just down the road from his place on Townline Rd.

But is the Leeds-Grenville switch supposed to have anything to do with Bell?
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