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Originally Posted by ocscan View Post
Tonight I logged Site 37 from Ottawa. the Control Channel was/is on 143.0700. Trunk88 is giving it a 99% decode, and my Pro-197 is decoding the P25 with very little motorboating. So far I have a total of 5 frequencies logged, and based on the TG's heard its likely coming in from east of Ottawa. Trunk88 is decoding the site name as MILRCR, and lists 02,04,05,06,07,08 and 09 as neighbors.

I am not a tech by any means,so this might be a stupid question, but 143.0700 is also the control channel for site 34 in Vankleek Hill...would they have 2 tower sites that close to each other using the same control channel freq? Line of site from Vankleek to Millar's corners is what..less than 50 miles?
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