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Originally Posted by RodStrong View Post
Funny, I've bought a few hundred Imax batteries in recent years (mostly for HT 750's/1250's, but several for HT1000's & XTS series, as well as a few oddball other models), and never had any known problems or bad reports from users. Never heard of such a thing as twice daily charging from any of the users, many who work 12 hour shifts. That includes daily users as well as cache radios that sit dormant for weeks at times with minimal to moderate exercising at best. Never run into one with a bad fit or cosmetic defect either. And I believe they have a 1 year warranty on most, if not all of their batteries, which is comparable to most OEM if I am not mistaken.

I guess their nearly 69,000 feedbacks with a 99.9% positive rating must be misleading.

I agree, OEM is generally great. The 30-ish agencies I support have hundreds in use, and OEM is primarily what we buy. I also believe there is some real knockoff junk out there. But to blast Imax by suggesting their batteries are gonna dump at one month is not even remotely close to accurate from my experience with them. For whatever it's worth, I've had tremendous luck with them.
It could be that your customers are just not telling you or maybe they just don't know the batteries suck.
I bought 4 batteries from Imax Xpert in the spring, all either for different models and/or different chemistries and they're all junk. And they aren't good cosmetic matches either. The color and texture is way off.

Imax Xpert's warranty works like this... You pay $10 or so to ship them back your batteries to California (remember they're used lion batteries so ground shipping only) and then they'll test them and MAYBE they'll send you a new battery, maybe not. No thanks. I'll just cut my losses.

Motorola upped their warranty on their Impres batteries. Now it's 4 years!
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