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One part of your town's ISO rating is a check for 2 primary alerting means for announcing a fire to the volunteers. Typically pagers are one, the siren is the other.
NFPA 1221 covers ways to alert that meet ISO standards. The main factor is that the entire alerting process must be 100% under control of the fire service. Tone pagers and sirens meet that requirement. Cell phones, commercial text message pagers do not qualify because there is a 3rd party involved.
ISO will give a lower rating when there is only 1 valid alerting system. Insurance companies will look at the lower rating and charge a higher premium. So eliminating the siren could result in higher property insurance costs.
Be careful asking an insurance company "does the rate goes up" without a siren because they will say no rate increase, go ahead. What they should say is you get changed to a new classification, with a different higher rate. But that rate has not gone up. It's been higher than the other siren rate forever.
The rate is the cost scale for the amount of coverage based upon all risk factors. Eliminating the siren changes a risk factor so that a different rate is used. The right question is how much money will the policy cost change if the siren is removed?
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