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[QUOTE=cabletech;1902282]zron Very dumb question, I know, BUT if you are in Bellingham, why are you concerened about medic to hospital comms in Whatcom county?[/QUOTE

Very helpful reply...

Even if you weren't in Whatcom County, which if you reside in Bellingham you are. Per RadioReference Police; ie the post above you should ONLY be monitoring comms within the city or asking questions about monitoring comms within the city. *rolls eyes*

Anyways... I've not heard Whatcom County make much use of the VHF medcom channels. They may use the UHF ones though, (it appears they are licensed to use the UHF MED channels).... a lot of communities in WA just use cell phones to call in patient reports. Such as where I used to live: Kitsap County, however in King County they use the Seattle TRS. I would try searching UHF med channels.
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