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Originally Posted by rapidcharger View Post
It could be that your customers are just not telling you or maybe they just don't know the batteries suck.
I bought 4 batteries from Imax Xpert in the spring, all either for different models and/or different chemistries and they're all junk. And they aren't good cosmetic matches either. The color and texture is way off.

Imax Xpert's warranty works like this... You pay $10 or so to ship them back your batteries to California (remember they're used lion batteries so ground shipping only) and then they'll test them and MAYBE they'll send you a new battery, maybe not. No thanks. I'll just cut my losses.

Motorola upped their warranty on their Impres batteries. Now it's 4 years!
"......maybe they just don't know the batteries suck". Okay that was kinda funny. Anyway, sorry you must have got a hold of a bad batch of batteries and had some bad luck with them. Maybe the forced labor camp in China they were built in got ahold of some bad materials, or the Chinese gov't. imprisoned the manager and they spun out of control for a few days......I dunno.

Whatever the case, for every one of you who had a bad experience, there are seemingly thousands more who have had a good experience with them. I am one of those thousands, and have bought from them numerous times over the past 5 years or so. I have had mixed luck with other knockoff brands, but never once with Imax. Whether you like them or not, I am sure you would admit any seller on Ebay with 69k feedbacks and a 99.9% rating is pretty darn impressive. I would struggle to find even one seller out there with better feedback after tens of thousands of transctions. If they clearly sucked as bad as you suggest on a regular basis, their feedback would surely reflect that suckage over time.

I have never bought lithium ion from them, only ni cad and nickel metal. I have never had to return any batteries, although I did once return 4 speaker mics that worked fine, but the quality didn't match the application I needed them for. I returned them and they refunded me, no questions asked. However, I do think I paid the return shipping, which isn't necessarily unusual.

I was not aware impres had a 4 year warranty. That is good to know.

Ironically, as I type this, I am listening to an xts2500 with of all things a 4+ year old Imax battery on it. Like all Imax batteries I have personally used, it is rock solid, and is more than adequate to this very day. Maybe I am just lucky. Good luck to you in your future battery purchases.
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