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I feel like we're going off topic, I just wanted to comment on this, and this will be my last about batteries..
Originally Posted by RodStrong View Post
" Whether you like them or not, I am sure you would admit any seller on Ebay with 69k feedbacks and a 99.9% rating is pretty darn impressive.
I gave them positives too. In fact, I gave them 4 of those positives. As a seller, they deserved it. And since they do accept returns months later, I'd rate them highly as a seller even still. I wouldn't rate their products highly but the feedback isn't about long term satisfaction. It's about did the seller do what they said they were going to do? Was the product as described? Yes to both. But you get what you pay for. I was skeptical about the quality when I saw the price but the description never claimed the batteries were just as good as OEM. IME, if you pay more for the battery, you usually get something with Japanese cells, and in many cases they are assembled somewhere other than China. Not that that means anything. I have an OEM nicad battery on my PR1500 right nowt hat says "cell origin china" that still holds a charge for 8 hours with a 2007 date code.

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