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Originally Posted by cavmedic View Post
Does anyone know if there are any FEMA grants available for purchasing a system or for repairing of an existing house siren ?

Ours died two years ago. Our municipal "electrician" said that the siren went bad , and took the motor starter and contacts out of the control box, and they were never seen again.

We have our suspicions , but trying to locate another set of contacts and a motor starter to conduct tests with a trusted person knowledgeable with old house sirens is difficult.
The main siren at my firehouse has been there at well over 60 years, and still works just fine. And our weather in western NY goes from -20 up to over 100, with plenty of rain and snow.
When you think about it, the only things that could go 'wrong' with an old school mechanical house siren would be the motor, electrical components, or the bearings. Does the doghouse inside the siren turn by hand? Even if it's frozen up (either by rust or cold conditions), it's a relatively easy fix. If not, then it's something electrical.
It sounds like you suspicious may well be justified!
Do you have anyone that writes grants in your department? I would think that there might be something in the 'Assistance for Firefighters' grant program. It would be well worth researching. Good luck!
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