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I sold two-way radios for 25 years. The HT-1000 is probably the best portable ever built, unfortunately it is dated and probably isn't supported any longer. So if you lose a knob, etc. you will have trouble finding a replacement.
I sold 100's of CP-200's and PM-400's into industrial, educational, manufacturing, public safety, etc. They are one tuff radio with great specs for the price. (They are the same basic radio, the PM just has more channels and an 8 digit LCD display). I sold RCA, GE, Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Vertex, EF Johnson, Redicom, Repco, Midland, Yaesu, and probaly others that I have forgotten. I wasn't "married" to Motorola, but they just made good stuff. Like that old Fram oil filter commercial with the mechanic cleaning his hands: "you can pay me now or pay me later", meaning a good oil filter cost a little more but it is cheaper than an engine overhaul".
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