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Originally Posted by Starcom21 View Post
Please try to get site NAC tones too please.

Uniden - don't know

GRE - Shows up as Nxxx on Control Channel display or tune mode

I cannot get my Uniden 996XT to show NAC tones for anything. I even did a manual direct entry of the Starcom Madison County site and it asked what the audio type was so I selected digital. It then asked if I'd like to enter a NAC tone or search for the NAC. I told it to search but I sure can't find where that info may be displayed. All it shows is the system ID and tower ID. I even ran Pro96com on the CC data but no NAC displayed there either. I then tried Proscan logging but still no NAC shown.
The PSR600 does show the NAC as 14E for Madison County.
I guess I'll need to try and remember to fire up the PSR600 when I'm getting NAC codes.
I wonder if Unitrunker may display that info when using a Uniden. I may try that over the upcoming weekend.
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