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Originally Posted by kruser View Post
Wait, if I'm reading your reply correctly, I can see the NAC as long as I'm using Unitrunker with true discriminator audio correct?
If you run Unitrunker on the control channel using a tapped scanner/receiver, you will see the NAC on the Info tab of the Site window. It usually shows up in two places on that screen, towards the top in the Access column, and towards the bottom in the NAC column.

Originally Posted by kruser View Post
Great! Thanks for that info. I knew there must be a way otherwise why even have the NAC search setting if it does not display the results on the screen.
Does the 996 or 396 need to be in a certain "display mode" in order to see the NAC. Like Mode 1 or 2? Mode 3 just shows the system activity on the 3rd line while mode 1 or 2 shows more useful info like the actual frequency the radio tuned to or the talkgroup. I always forget which display mode shows what info other than mode 3 which I never use.
I would think mode 1 as that shows other info like LNK, ENC, P25 etc. along with the tuned frequency. At least when you are scanning a P25 trunked system.

Edit: Wow, it worked! The display mode does not seem to matter.
As long as you are tuned to a voice frequency in conventional mode with the freq set as digital only and then select NAC Search like your instructions say.
I thought my Icom R2500 displayed the NAC also but I can only see the TG and Radio ID on its display.
Oh well, now I know how to get the NAC when I only have a Uniden running.
The display mode shouldn't matter. The key is to monitor the voice channel frequencies in digital/NAC search mode so that the scanner can decode the NAC. When you listen to a P25 trunked system voice frequency in conventional mode, the scanner treats it no differently than a standard conventional P25 frequency. In fact, it doesn't even know it's part of a trunked system, nor does it care.

You can do the same thing with Motorola Type II systems that use the P25 CAI, if you want to figure out the NAC. Unitrunker does not decode the Site NAC for Motorola systems, so I'm pretty sure that's the only way to figure it out.
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