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Default All 3 scanners are they gone nuts

all 3 of my scanners have been working well
i have been recieving dispatch to cars , cars to dispatch
car to car
on both PD and Sherriff i still get texas DOT

but as the first of the month all i hear is Dispatch calling a car then all i get is a aweful chainsaw sounding fax on crack noise
then the dispatch will reply
then the chainsaw buzzing noise

whats going on?

i have a RS handheld that i can program maybe 10 channels
the others are the bc-350a and the beartracker 800 bct7

do i need to upgrade
and if i do if i get the home patrol 1 will i be able to listen again to the cars and everything
or do i need to buy the usb cable and trialsoftware and then buy the full version

was looking at the BCD996xt
or should i just get the HP-1
or maybe the radio shack version
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