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Originally Posted by darrylcn View Post
I thiiiiiiiink it was a Reach flight.. Heard a bit from the RF proof abode.
Lol. Its too bad you couldn't get an antenna up on the top of your building, that would give you some nice range/signal with the height.

Anyone catch anything last night? I see there was a KC that went past, but I didn't have my recorder on.

Originally Posted by pedroair View Post
Man, this picture is a beaut !
I tried Bangor KGBR Live ATC these days but the sound is lousy and most of the traffic is local
Regional jets or tiny props, all the same heard the tower clear RSAF3660 to lift and head for
Boeing Field ; Nieuw Milligen is a neat LiveATC in Holland, got a taped refuelling act now on it
(a KC135 with a couple of Tornados callsigned MONSTER), I will upload it on my account over the weekend.Cheers folks! Pedro
Nice one, I look forward to hearing that! And glad to hear your having some luck using live feeds.

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