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Originally Posted by 555BigHorn View Post
checked out the local Rad Shack
where we got questions they cant answer
only scanners i found were these model numbers
RS 200-0197
RadioShack PRO-197 39,000-Channel Digital Desktop Scanner : Desktop Scanners |

RS 200-0106
RadioShack PRO-106 39,000-Channel Digital Handheld Scanner : Handheld Scanners |

so i asked and of course they didnt have a clue asked a manager and him neither
but she could tell me all about the cellphones and covers

from what i read they were the same except that one was for desktop and the other for mobile or handheld use
Radio Shack also has the Uniden BCD396XT (handheld) on sale (ends today, 02/09, but there is free ground shipping on the website) for $399.99, slightly less than the Pro-106 or Pro-197. Plus, it comes with everything you need, and you can use FreeSCAN for programming.

If your pc does not have a serial port (that's the type of cable that comes with the 396XT), then see this Wiki page.

For the Pro-106 or Pro-197, if you want to use software for programming (they can be programmed without it, but there are advantages to software), you would need to also purchase the cable, about $30 or so. Software for these two scanners is discussed here.
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