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Originally Posted by looknlisten View Post
Sorry for not posting this earlier:
Peach69 Feb 7th evening: Audioboo / PEACH 69 Refuels on AR20 - Feb 7th
And the REACH369 early in the morning of Feb 8th(Z): Audioboo / RCH369 - ETHYL20 AR-20 Feb 8th , 2013
Thanks for posting them look!

Originally Posted by Mark View Post
Seems about 10 RAF GR4 Tornados repostioning in UK today for pond crossing.
Maybe 2 are airspares so at least 8 prob coming.
Should be westbound in the next few days.
8 Typhoons are already here working down at Langley for Red flag.
British, U.S. squadrons prep for Red Flag - Air Force News | News from Afghanistan & Iraq - Air Force Times
Sweet, any news yet on them moving? I picked up 2 KC's on the box going past today, both REACH flights (385-KC135 and 595-KC10), the first was heading NE(eyeballed him) and I thought I heard heard the second one get handed off to Gander so likely heading NE.

Also, there is a refuel scheduled for 3 local, 40 mins from now, maybe its all related? Heads up either way guys!
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