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Originally Posted by brian View Post
This is somewhat true. This calculation is based on the asssumption that all frequencies are used equally in the system. I have found this to not hold true on the Palmetto 800 system. Some frequencies are more favored as voice frequencies and others are less favored, particularly the alternate CCs. There seems to be a prioritization of which voice frequencies are used first, if available.

All that means is that it's less straightforward to try to calculate how much traffic you'll miss with a scanner that does not support rebanding. You're still going to miss traffic - and if you're trying to follow a conversation or activity, and you're only getting 2 out of 3 transmission or 3 out of 4 transmission (at best), I think you'll find that to be sub-optimal.
I did not suggest he would be happy monitoring that system with the PRO-433, I just gave him the information.
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