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Originally Posted by HotRock View Post
Howdy, I'm a newbie here, just discovered this forum while surfing. Some interesting questions and answers which I find interesting reading. I am retired from the State of Ga. Telecommunications Division. I started my career with the Ga. State Patrol in 1958 as a radio technician. In March of that year I looked out the door and there stood 325 brand new 1958 Ford State Patrol cars in which to install two-way radios. At that time we had only one channel for GSP use, 42.02 low band. I maintained all the radios in North Georgia, that is north of Atlanta. Did that until Jimmy Carter "reorganized" departments and I was moved to the Telecommunications Division where I worked until retirement in 1991. I was there when we installed and converted to high band frequencies 154.68 and 154.80 and I think that was in 1961-62 time period. Later came the .905 and .935 frequencies. It's been almost 40 years since I worked on radio equipment but I have enjoyed reading the comments and questions etc.
I'm sure you know Paul Lee and Jimmy Crump!
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