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Default Cats and Radios

Originally Posted by bear780ks View Post
Wow what a great thread: Jim I wanted to share a Photo of my little guy sorry minus the Radio!

My Cat Turd would have fit in here nicely i did say Turd ! He got his name from my Dad He was All black with a little white under his Neck and he love settin on my Uniden Washington Base because of it's big surface area and it was Warm.

When someone would Talk he'd get excited & take his Paw an tap on the Speaker and i say who is that turd who is that..

We had him for 17 great year's till he passed in 1998.. even though he's been gone from us that long i still think about him every day and i wish i could have him back even if it was just for a day..

Here is a Picture of my little Dude in his i'm a Cool Cat Pose:
Turd looks like he's flying!

If you come across any other pics, please post 'em, he looks like an awesome cat.

It's amazing how these critters stay with us in our hearts for so long. In addition to BC, I still miss my dog Sam, a Collie mix who passed away at 13 back in 1978.

Thanks for the post, bear.
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