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Originally Posted by VA7DMZ View Post
I grabbed the new version.
It is running now.
So I played a recording of my tone into the 'mic in' of my usb sound card, and tried to test it out.

Here it is with amr_emails set up. It didnt work for me. No email was sent.
TwoToneDetect59Pi.pyc -

It works for me with mp3_emails. This email was sent and I received it with the recording.
TwoToneDetect59Pi.pyc -

Edit: Ive done further checking into the mp3 functionality and it does work once. I cannot get it to work a second time unless i stop the program and start it again. tones.cfg has this entry: 'ignore_after = 60' but I waited long after that to play my tone a second time. Am I screwing it up?
Ah, you found a bug. The ignore_after code is using a reference to the GUI, which is no longer there, so it won't work. It's telling the program to ignore that tone after receiving it once but then is never able to tell it start looking for it again because of the bug. Until the bug is fixed, either remove the ignore_after parameter from your tones or set it to -1.

I'll have to look into the AMR issue. Shame on me I never tested it, I only tested mp3. It appears to be an issue with ffmpeg, so I'll have to dig into that a bit.

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