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These upgrades always make me laugh - it's the same thing across the country. Here's what I see:

$13.9M to buy a system upgrade, which allows more radio IDs (manufacturer limitation...they should have known that systems are getting big), the capability to go to P25 phase two (capability only, no actual functionality) and Windows Updates (hmmm).

But the users still need to buy consoles to go to P25 phase two, the users still need to buy repeaters that are capable of P25 phase two and the users still need to buy radios that do P25 phase two. For all of the money that Motorola is going to make with users buying phase two infrastructure (medium margin repeaters, high margin consoles and probably a load of really high margin radios), this is a very steep price tag for software and some hardware.

Given the business opportunity that this upgrade will provide to Motorola, they can certainly do can do better on the price than this. Is anyone at the State negotiating a price with them? Has any negotiating or haggling of this price been done?

I bet not
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