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Originally Posted by W2NJS View Post
In my local area a few years ago I saw how a trunked system should be put into use. There is only one word that solves most (but not all) future problems and that word is training. In my area they took many, many man hours per employee to take units out of service during regular working hours and put the employees in a classroom and teach them how the system would be used. Of course it helps a lot if the system has been built to specs with enough towers but in this situation the installation fortunately had been done right. The on-air discipline is a pleasure to hear, whereas a neighboring jurisdiction's radio consists of mostly unintelligible garbage (it's a similar Motorola 800 mHz system). "Hand 'em a radio; they'll know what to do with it!" Yeah, right! I echo the "lack of training" post above because I've seen it done right and not done at all, and you don't want to go near the "no training" system when it's in use.
That's exactly right. It's also important to stress that most wide-area systems are designed for mobile coverage, not portable in-street and certainly not portable in-building coverage. Unfortunately the lack of training leads to misconceptions and assumptions, and all too many users of nearly any system assume too much.

It isn't the fault of any particular manufacturer's product over any other manufacturer's product. As long as the system is properly designed, engineered and installed, it will do what it was designed to do, no matter the name of the manufacturer.
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